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The story

After Mortevielle, Jérôme Lange is back.

Fleeing a bitter Paris, the detective accepts the invitation of an old friend and embarks for Japan, aboard the sailboat of a client.

But a cyclone interrupts his trip in the middle of the Indian Ocean, and forces him to dock on Maupiti, an island with paradisiacal landscapes, well known to sailors.

A lull of short duration, since the day after waking, a woman, Maggie, comes to ask for help
One of her employees has disappeared!

Jerome decides to postpone his holidays to lead the investigation ...
And begins to understand that Maupiti, his natives and his regulars hide many secrets. An investigation that will include a brothel, pirates, opium, weapons traffickers ... And the "Bamboo", a fishing boat arrived during the night to escape the storm, whose crew seems suspicious.

The investigation is going to be hectic...

New features

Compared to the original game, many new features will allow to give more depth to the story and gameplay.


New points of view, new objects, rewrite of the dialogs, to give the story a new life, and more depth and mystery to the plot.


Forget text menus, and enjoy an intuitive and natural interface, suitable for tablets and PCs as well as VR headsets.


Now visible at 360 degrees, the scenes will unveil new perspectives of the island, offer an unparalleled VR experience ... And allow the team to create new clues!


A brand new clues manager, only available when Jerome sleeps, will help you earn points and discover new elements of the story, by combining in the right order the various clues found during the game.

Scoring and

Almost any action will have an impact on your overall score.
This one can be at any time compared to all other players.
Players who have reached the highest scores will be rewarded.

New points of view, new objects, rewrite of the dialogs, to give the story a new life, and more depth and mystery to the plot.

The game

Maupiti Island

Develooped in 1990 by the Lankhor studio, Maupiti Island is the sequel of their precedent game, the manor of Mortevielle.

Tilt d'or Canal+ et 4 d'or Génération 4, nominated in several countries, with tens of thousands of copies sold across Europe, Maupiti Island is still one of the biggest French adventure games.
30 years later, it's hard to find games that put as much energy to immerge the player in a deep, complex and cpativating story.

Productions with that level of can be counted on the fingers of one hand. Or even on the mouse buttons.
Which led us to wonder :
What if we rethink Maupiti, keeping his soul, while endowing it with today's technologies?
To allow old and young players alike, to (re) immerse themselves in its haunting narration within a reworked, re-sounded, re-adapted environment?

The starting point of a trip already started

The team

An experienced studio of developers, a galaxy of French and European talents.

The project is initiated and piloted from the South of France by the studio Milleniumprod, a team of experienced developers and graphic designers, used to working together for decades on the most varied projects.

A development undertaken under Unity for several months, with one goal: to offer players a lundic experience, haunting and incomparable, worthy of the original!

Different partnerships with experienced French and European talents, sensitive to the hushed and mysterious atmosphere of Maupiti and able to give the game a new breath, have also helped to lay a solid foundation for the project, both technically and artistically.

Our goal: to give Maupiti the prestige it deserves!

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